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Cheryl Clift, MA, AMFT #99637 & APCC #3936.
 I am supervised by Meri Levy, MA, LMFT #82213

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I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and possess a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Photography. Prior to starting a practice in Lafayette, I worked for two years in a community mental health center in San Francisco where I served a diverse population with a variety of mental health issues. In addition to my practice, I currently work in a local middle school providing counseling for adolescents and teens.

I am a depth psychotherapist. I care about helping you to find your inner voice so you may lead a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life. I want you to be able to make conscious choices about what you want and need which can guide you to unleash your unique nature and talents. This means not being solely directed by other people’s needs or by society’s “shoulds” and “have-tos”. This means being better able to weather the storms of life. This means following your true self.

I don’t assume symptoms are pathology. I see them as clues to unresolved needs, pain and patterns of behavior that can cause suffering, longings for relief and the need for a deeper sense of meaning in your life.

I have devoted more than twenty-five years to the study and experience of various forms of mysticism, depth psychotherapy, dream work, active imagination and Jungian analysis. I have attended seminars at the CG Jung Institute in San Francisco and Los Angeles and currently serve on the board of the Analytical Psychology Club of San Francisco and the board of the Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute in Lafayette.

Prior to my clinical training, I spent over seven years providing emotional support and intake services to parents of children with special needs. 

What is a Professional Clinical Counselor?
I am both an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (AMFT) and an Associate Professional Clinical Counseling (APCC) and am pursuing licensure in both designations. This means I have received training in interpersonal relationships, couples, families and groups counseling and additional training in counseling for individuals in the areas of personal growth and crisis intervention. 

As part of California state regulations, as an APCC, I have completed additional coursework in:

  • Alcoholism and other chemical substance abuse dependency
  • Human sexuality
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Spousal or partner abuse assessment, detection, and intervention strategies, including knowledge of community resources, cultural factors, and same gender abuse dynamics
  • Child abuse assessment and reporting
  • California law and professional ethics for professional clinical counselors
  • Aging and long-term care, which may include, but is not limited to, the biological, social, and psychological aspects of aging
  • Crisis or trauma counseling, including multidisciplinary responses to crises, emergencies, or disasters, and brief, intermediate, and long-term approaches

(For more information: Coursework requirements for LPCCs)

Professional Affiliations

  • CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)
  • East Bay Chapter of CAMFT
  • CALPCC (California Association of Professional Clinical Counselors)
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